e1337 training provides awareness, outreach, and cybersecurity training to learners at all levels. Providing relevant and affordable training to current information technology and cybersecurity professionals to the government and industry workforce is necessary to secure our digital landscape.

The Georgia Cyber Center offers professional workshops and exercises to assist the professional community in meeting their learning objectives.

While everyone is working hard to figure out a “new” normal, e1337 training has developed blended learning programs that provide live training through online sessions to ensure social distancing and accommodate a safe, affordable, and effective way to develop cyber skills.

  • Blended programs are not boot-camps; our programs involve between 1 to 5 weeks of focused learning and feedback
  • Flexible on-demand content combined with live, online training (via WebEx); 6 months of access to all resources (including Instructor)
  • Programs are approved for funding through the Army Credential Assistance (CA) program,

For requests concerning group training or scheduling, contact: