The Garage

What is The Garage?

The Garage is the Georgia Cyber Center’s makerspace where people can come together to spur creative thought and push innovation forward. To accomplish this goal The Garage is a combination of three different types of spaces: A Fab Lab, space where there are both digital fabrication tools and traditional fabrication tools available to create physical artifacts; a Hackerspace, space where there are resources available to work software-oriented (non-physical) projects; and a Collaboration Space, space that is oriented towards creating meaningful interactions.

What does The Garage provide to the Georgia Cyber Center Ecosystem?

  • Access to fabrication equipment
  • Sessions with Makerspace Specialist
  • Group Maker Events
  • Prototype Design/Prototype Fabrication
  • Garage Hangouts, informal talks from a guest speaker

Where can I find The Garage?

The Garage is located on the first floor of the Shaffer MacCartney Building and is easy to spot from the front desk by our two functional garage doors.

Want to know more about The Garage?

Please email for more information or any questions.