Vision / Mission


To lead a revolution in cyber security through unprecedented collaboration and innovation.


Cultivate an ecosystem where the combined talent of government, academia, and private industry will

  • deliver affordable and relevant cyber security training and education
  • develop the state's cyber security workforce
  • solve complex cyber security challenges
  • offer unbiased advice to policy-makers

to provide our state and nation a decisive advantage in cyber space.


Demonstrated by our power to think and act quickly.  We will plan appropriately, make decisions and execute aggressively, and react to change with speed and ease.

Demonstrated by putting the welfare of our state, community, and teammates above our own.  We will be fully committed to our mission and to one another.

Demonstrated by the love of what we do and our fierce commitment to carry out our mission. We will face every challenge with unrelenting determination and zeal.

Demonstrated by always doing what is right – legally, morally, and ethically. We will always match our actions with our words and remain transparent in everything we do.

Demonstrated by treating every person we meet with dignity and kindness.  We will value each teammate and their ideas.

Demonstrated by a strong commitment to team and an unbound trust among teammates. We will be responsible and accountable for our actions, but are free to make decisions and take appropriate risk to accomplish the mission.