Instructor Training Center

Georgia Cyber Innovation & Training Center provides initial instructor training and continued professional development.  Academies will choose the curriculum and then find the instructor training for accreditation.  If the Georgia Cyber Center does not offer an instructor training course within the time frame required, please reach contact us and we will assist in conducting a class to meet your needs.  Academies can use multiple instructor training centers to pursue instructor accreditation.

Instructor Trainers with the Georgia Cyber center have over 20 years of experience with the academy curricula and a passion for the academy program.  We pride ourselves in being able to partner with such an amazing program that will help teachers and instructors become accredited to teach a broad range of topics to include Cyber Operations Associate and DevNet Specialist.

The training delivery model is an online, blended distance learning format. Classes use Webex to deliver remote training.  NDG NetLab codes are included with the instructor training depending on the course.   Training classes are delivered in a 10-week model. Fast track classes are available for instructors who possess certification in the subjects they desire to be accredited.

Please contact for a quote for instructor training.