How to Become a CISCO Academy

When you partner with Cisco Networking Academy, you align your organization with an IT leader in the technologies that matter most – Networking, Programmable Infrastructure, and Cybersecurity. You are backed by a global technology leader that offers the largest and longest-running educational program of its kind – 32 courses, in over 180 countries, in up to 27 languages, self-paced or in-person classes, powered by a robust education platform,

And while many organizations are looking to profit by selling their curriculum, Networking Academy is part of Cisco Corporate Social Responsibility – an organization with a mission to positively impact the lives of people, society, and the planet. By providing our IT education, the education platform that hosts the courses, resources, and student-career building and job matching programs free-of-charge, we empower all people with career possibilities, and the ability to solve problems locally and globally.

In the last 20+ years, we’ve educated more than 12.7 million students worldwide -- and we’re prepared to scale as the need for IT professionals grows exponentially. When you partner with Cisco Networking Academy, you offer an exciting career for your instructors and a meaningful future for your students and the community they live in.

To become a Cisco Academy, your institution must have:

  • Classroom space for in-person instruction
  • A classroom with computers for students
  • Persistent Internet access of at least 512Kbps

For courses that use Cisco equipment, your institution must have:

  • Funds to purchase lab equipment bundles (varies by curriculum)
  • A dedicated classroom at least 550 square feet or 50 square meters for hands-on instruction
  • An instructor available for training and qualification

Becoming a Cisco Networking Academy Frequently Asked Questions