Cyber Student Career Success Workshop

Workshop sessions:

·         Cyber Career Ready 101 (session completed on June 1)

·         Technical Writing for Cyber Professionals

·         Cyber Internships

·         Meet the Industry Partner

The purpose of the Cyber Career Success Workshop is to help prepare students for a successful entry into the workforce by developing skills that are requested directly from the cyber industry.

Topics range from how to develop critical-thinking and problem-solving skills, to learning about career pathways from professionals in the field. This workshop is an innovative approach to mapping a successful cyber career and is meant to serve as a foundation for student success.

The workshop is a series of lectures and presentations offered to students once a month for 2 hours. Informational lectures will normally average about 1.5 hours, including questions, with 30 minutes allowed for a special guest speaker.  Students are required to complete a self-skill assessment at the beginning of the class, and because feedback is a gift, an exit survey upon completing the workshop.

Cyber Student Career Success Workshop will help students:

  • Be able to explore careers in the cybersecurity industry and take steps to develop their skills to meet that job.
  • Get an overview of the basic elements of resume and CV writing to be able to create and customize the document for future employment opportunities.
  • Gain skills to seek opportunities in the cybersecurity industry by engaging in networking opportunities, workshops, training sessions, internships, fellowship, job showing to finally find a job after graduation.
  • Use learned skills to become more marketable and sought after within the cyber field.
  • Learn to use different communication skills to develop a successful elevator speech.
  • Gain knowledge of industry information and leadership skills by working one-on-one with people in the cyber field.
  • Understand the importance of excellent oral and written communication skills and will develop a strategy for self-improvement.
  • Acquire skills in social media platforms such Linkedin, for career exploration, job searching and networking with mentors, future employers and peers.
  • Learn about employers in the industry and will gain insights about different opportunities in the field.
  • Become educated around volunteer opportunities to help the community such as girls who code, capture the flag tournaments, and patriot cyber camp.