Welcome to the Georgia Cyber Innovation & Training Center


theClubhou.se is a collaborative workspace in the Georgia Cyber Center that supports entrepreneurs, startups, telecommuters, and freelancers in the Augusta ecosystem.  Every business, regardless of industry is impacted by cyber and we provide the space, tools, resources, education and community to collaborate and innovate.  From individuals, to cyber companies to investors, theClubhou.se is literally that:  A club that celebrates the use of technology for creative expression and who work along side others to learn and grow.  More than just thinking, we believe in executing as many ideas as we can. Good ideas can change the world! By working with other experienced professionals and hobbyists,  launch your ideas farther & faster than ever before.  Our goal is to remove any obstacles in the path from an idea’s conception to its delivery. Need tools? We’ve got ’em. Want to make your idea into a business? Don’t know how to build something? Want to learn a new skill in technology, design or entrepreneurship?…Let’s figure it out together.