Northport, N.Y. – Aug. 7, 2018

“It takes vision and effort to build and sustain a vibrant state cybersecurity economy, and Georgia’s Nathan Deal is an exemplary representative of how to do it,” says Steve Morgan, founder and Editor-in-Chief at Cybersecurity Ventures. Due in large part to Governor Deal’s initiatives, the state of Georgia has seen both public and private sectors investing in the hundreds of millions in cybersecurity infrastructure and training in the past year alone, making the peach state the new “Silicon Valley of the South.”

The state ranks third in the nation for cybersecurity, and according to, generates more than $4.7 billion in cybersecurity revenue annually. A major indicator that the state is poised for massive growth in cybersecurity, and a serious crackdown on cybercrime, is the new construction of the $100 million publicly funded Hull McKnight Georgia Cyber Center for Innovation and Training (GCC), as well as the expansion of the innovative work/live Augusta Cyber Works campus, both in the city of Augusta.

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