When new Georgia Tech President Ángel Cabrera visited us at The Augusta Chronicle last week, he had just come from a visit to the Georgia Cyber Center downtown and left impressed with the level of collaborative innovation that’s growing there.

That’s high praise indeed coming from the head of one of the top science-centered universities in the nation. The center reflects an amped-up approach to innovation and entrepreneurship – such as nurturing tech startups – that is part of this university’s new strategic plan that’s still taking shape.

Cabrera also talked briefly with Augusta University leaders about possibilities for collaboration between the two schools. Two fields of shared study – cyber and biomedicine – are no-brainers. Such academic collaborations are tides that lift all boats – both schools benefit.

One of the newest AU collaborations got little fanfare earlier this month. Augusta University and Clark Atlanta University announced Dec. 3 a partnership on cyber-physical and cybersecurity research, and chances for both schools’ students to earn degrees in those fields.

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